Goldilocks, Lenten Aspirations and How to bring God your gifts

goldilocks5 in the same way, all of us, though there are so many of us, make up one body in Christ, and as different parts we are all joined to one another.

6 Then since the gifts that we have differ according to the grace that was given to each of us: if it is a gift of prophecy, we should prophesy as much as our faith tells us;

7 if it is a gift of practical service, let us devote ourselves to serving; if it is teaching, to teaching;

8 if it is encouraging, to encouraging. When you give, you should give generously from the heart; if you are put in charge, you must be conscientious; if you do works of mercy, let it be because you enjoy doing them.

Romans 12:5-8

You are light for the world. A city built on a hill-top cannot be hidden.

15 No one lights a lamp to put it under a tub; they put it on the lamp-stand where it shines for everyone in the house.

Matthew 5:14-15

It started in July of 2013.  My husband and I were on a trip to Santa Monica.  We love visiting Catholic churches while on vacation.  It is wonderful to see and experience what other churches have to offer.  We picked St. Monica’s church, which is right in Santa Monica on California Avenue.  We walked into the church, picked up the song sheets and then were approached by a sweet woman who asked if we would bring up the gifts.  I remarked to my husband that it’s interesting to ask visitors to bring up the gifts.  He thinks that many parishes do that.

The second time was in November of 2013 and I was on a lacrosse trip with my second son.  We were in Baltimore and on Sunday evening attended Corpus Christi in the Bolton Hill historic district.  It is a beautiful church and I was busy admiring the architecture as we walked in.  As we entered the main part of the sanctuary Continue reading “Goldilocks, Lenten Aspirations and How to bring God your gifts”