Thomas and Truth

Caravaggio_Saint_ThomasThis gospel story today about Thomas speaks to us about the nature of truth and how we know it. In his homily last Sunday, Fr Neil spoke about the many ways that people come to decide as adults that they want to be Catholic, whether they are coming into Christianity for the first time or being received into the Church from another Christian tradition. As Fr Neil noted, there are many attractive aspects of our faith — from examples of personal holiness, to art, and liturgy — but ultimately those people made that decision because they came to believe that what the Catholic Church teaches is the truth.

This raises the question: How do we know something is true? Continue reading “Thomas and Truth”

Into Your Hands – The Seventh Word


Into your hands I commend my spirit.

St. Anselm taught that the redemptive sacrifice of Jesus on the Cross was something only a man must do and only God could do. Jesus is true God and true man, one person of the Trinity with two natures. Jesus did not deem equality with God something to be grasped but came down in love and took on the form of human flesh. He was obedient unto death, even death on a cross. He shared with us in everything but sin. His sacrifice is now complete. His establishment of the new Passover meal is now complete. His earthly ministry is now complete. Sharing in our humanity he will endure death.

With this last word he continues to teach his children. Perfect in every way, he is the perfect rabbi. He reminds us that death is – even for us – a temporary condition. Our spirit will live forever. Our soul is immortal, and Jesus shows us the way because he is the Way. He says into your hand I commend my spirit. Jesus has shown through the passion that he is not merely the victim but is also the priest. He is choosing his path at the end of his life. He chooses to be with his father in Heaven forever. We need to choose our destination. If we participate in the life of Christ, if we take up our cross and carry it to our Calvary, if we choose mercy over judgment, then we choose to commend our spirits into the care of our heavenly father. We choose to spend eternity in heaven with Jesus and the father. Continue reading “Into Your Hands – The Seventh Word”

Behold Thy Son – The Third Word


“Woman, behold thy son … Behold thy mother.” [John 19: 26, 27]

As Jesus hangs from the Cross, his body weak from the night being tried by the Sanhedrin and Herod before being flogged by Pilate and sent to carry his Cross to Golgotha, he is naked and alone. Thieves on either side, Roman soldiers standing guard, he has none of his disciples to comfort him in his last hours of earthly life. Only two are there close to him.

His mother Mary is there with the youngest apostle, John the baby brother of James who are the sons of Zebedee. Mary knew more than anyone on Mount Calvary that this crucifixion was the execution of an innocent man. How her mother’s heart must have ached as she saw her son mistreated, whipped and finally hung upon the Cross to die slowly in the cruellest public death imaginable. Yet she has joy even at this darkest hour. She chooses to share in Jesus’ suffering, standing at the foot of the Cross. St. Ambrose writes, “I read of her standing, but not of her weeping.” Yes, she grieves, but it is a fruitful and mysteriously joyful grief. Continue reading “Behold Thy Son – The Third Word”