Ordinary 8A at CTK

For those of you who are thinking, “If that deacon doesn’t open with a joke, I’m writing the pastor a note.” Don’t worry. And it’s a joke about pastors and money. Three pastors were comparing notes over lunch, and they turned to the question of how to divvy up the Sunday collection. The first said, “I take all the money and I throw it up in the air. The money that lands heads goes to God, and the money that lands tails goes to me.” The second said, “I do something similar. I throw it up in the air and the money that lands on its edge goes to God and the money that lands flat goes to me.” The third shook his head and said, “You’ve got to have more faith in God’s awesome power. I throw it up in the air and he grabs what he wants.”

Actually, we’re going to talk about something the Bible talks about a lot. We’re going to talk about money, Continue reading “Ordinary 8A at CTK”

Ordinary 5A at CTK

2017 Permanent Diaconate OrdinationI got prayed over by the archbishop yesterday, they gave me some new vestments, and now I’m a deacon. The path to being ordained as a deacon is the path of discipleship. It’s hearing a voice – a call – from God and trying to respond.

All of us Christians have heard the call to become his disciples – to grow in holiness. We know what he wants: he wants us to be holy. We just sometimes don’t know what he wants us to do as we are being holy.

That’s where we need the help of others. In responding to my call to the diaconate, I could not have done it alone. The good Christian in our family is my wife. She has been my partner and guide in every aspect of my life as her husband. I am a proud member of the Guild of St. Joseph: these are men you otherwise would never have heard of — except for the women they are married to.

Brad before Helen was selfish mess. Brad after 27 years of growth with Helen can say “Yes” to God’s call.

And God is calling me. He is calling all of us.

  • To be a light in the darkness, as the Gospel tells us today.
  • To be the salt that seasons this drab world.
  • To conduct our affairs with justice, as the Psalm sings today.
  • To share our bread, to shelter the homeless, to clothe the naked, as Isaiah preached today.

In a world that wakes up every morning thinking about how to get more, we are called to the sacrificial love of Christ on the Cross. Continue reading “Ordinary 5A at CTK”