Unreasoned anger, willing injury or damage to the object of one’s anger, unreasoned either due to the object of the anger or the mode of the anger.


  • “Let all indignation and anger be put away from you.” Ephesians 4:31
  • St. Gregory: “zealous anger troubles the eye of reason, whereas sinful anger blinds it.”


  • quarreling: anger leading to deeds, injuries inflicted on one’s neighbor through anger
  • swelling of the mind: the growing of the idea to take vengeance; calm and rational thoughts are overwhelmed by growing thoughts of revenge
  • contumely: injurious words towards one’s neighbor; purposely insulting or reviling another person
  • clamor: anger expressed towards his brother in disorderly and confused speech; thoughtless, vulgar words of rage
  • indignation: the anger from deeming another unworthy of acting in a certain way towards oneself
  • blasphemy: the injurious words against God that proceeds from anger

Self-examination from Episcopalian St. Augustine Prayer book (not exactly Thomistic, but useful)

ANGER: Anger is open rebellion against God or our fellow creatures. Its purpose and desire is to eliminate any obstacle to our self-seeking, to retaliate against any threat to our security, to avenge any insult or injury to our person.


  • Refusal to discern, accept or fulfil God’s vocation.
  • Dissatisfaction with the talents, abilities or opportunities he has given us.
  • Unwillingness to face up to difficulties or sacrifices.
  • Unjustified rebellion or complaint at the circumstances of our lives.
  • Escape from reality or the attempt to force our will upon it.
  • Transference to God, to our parents, to society, etc., the blame for our maladjustment; hatred of God, or anti-social behavior.
  • Cynicism.
  • Annoyance at the contrariness of things; profanity or grumbling.


  • Attack upon another in anger.
  • Murder in deed or desire.
  • Combativeness or nursing of grudges.
  • Injury to another by striking, curing or insulting him; or by damaging his reputation or property.
  • Quarrelsomeness, bickering, contradiction, nagging, rudeness, or snubbing.


  • Vengeance for wrongs real or imagined, or the plotting thereof.
  • Harsh or excessive punishment.
  • Hostility, sullenness or rash judgment.
  • Refusal to forgive, or to offer or accept reconciliation.
  • Unwillingness to love, to do good to, or to pray for enemies.
  • Boycotting or ostracizing another for selfish reasons.
  • Spoiling others’ pleasure by uncooperativeness or disdain, because we have not got our way.

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