Justin evangelist

Today, on the feast of Justin the Martyr, we are reminded that in his last speech to his Roman executioner, Rusticus, that he died preaching the Good News.

Answering Rusticus’ question on the Christian teaching, Justin said:

Worship the God of the Christians.

In this simple statement, Justin acknowledges that there are other gods to worship, which would not have been news to Rusticus but is somehow news to us today. The God of Mammon never demands our worship, service, and adoration. He sneaks and slithers and hints and intimates. It is just what everyone else is doing, and so we don’t realize that we made a choice to follow Mammon.

Every day we choose God or ‘not God’ and many times throughout the day we are offered a chance to revisit that choice. Pray for the strength to turn away from sin and to accept the gift of salvation.

Justin Martyr, pray for us.

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