Faith in Mission Starts Today

This year in our Faith and Mission adult faith formation program we are going to spend the bulk of our time together exploring the mystery of the Mass. Last year, we talked a great deal about the answer to the question: to whom are we sent? This year, we will talk a great deal about the answer to the question: from what are we sent?

This program hopefully will connect with the Eucharistic revival announced by Pope Francis earlier this year. It is critical that Catholics understand the Mass they are obliged to attend every Sunday. The Eucharistic liturgy is the source and summit of our faith, according to the documents of the second Vatican Council. But how well do we know and understand this source and this summit of our faith?

Our hope for this program is that you will grow in knowledge and understanding of the liturgy, so that your faith may be deepened as your knowledge is increased. With more knowledge and more faith, you will be better equipped to go forth at the end of Mass.

We will look at the Mass from many vantage points: what the priest does, what the people do, how it has evolved over the centuries, how it is an act of sacrifice and also a communal memorial celebration, and how to understand what the church calls active participation. Our primary sources will be the Roman Missal, the Bible, and the Catechism, with over a dozen other scholarly books to provide context.

Each Sunday, we will post the PDF of the slides and a recording of the talk, and those will appear in the link above in he header. The title of the page is Mystery of the Mass.

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